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Elegant Sea Urchin

New to ESU?

Where do I start?

   Welcome! head over to the New Listeners page (coming soon) for some suggestions.

I listened to a couple episodes.. What's going on?

   A lot. ESU is a world fairly removed from our own. There isn't direct exposition to explain things. The culture of the Tangerine Speck the characters live on is something you'll likely catch on to.

   The About page can tell you a little about the main characters.


How often are episodes released?

   At least once a month. Each season has a different workflow. Check on Twitter to be up to date when new episodes go live.

Do you need/want voice actors?

   Currently, no. ESU is Faebl's retelling/experience of events, the voices, the world and events are her interpretation of what's happening. If we do begin including other voices, we would be excited to announce a casting call and make an event of it.

Do you need writers/editors/want to collaborate?

   As a project that puts creative writing first, we believe you should take your idea and make it your own!

   We are interested in finding an editor/collaborative writer, but much of Faebl's saga is already planned out so the vibe would have to be right.

   Collaborating/crossing IPs isn't out of the question, as ESU is a strange place that has space for such events.


   We are incredibly interested in physical Things for you to have in your hands/tentacles/claws/possession! We will announce merch when we're certain you'll get high tide over it!

Have other questions? Email us!

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