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Elegant Sea Urchin

This eldritch audio drama is written, produced, and voiced by Swoon aka SAHope.

The World of ESU, often refereed to as the "Tangerine Speck," has many marvels, vistas, and horrors. Most prominent is the smogs that envelops the skies, strange oceans of moss and spores, and the fractured magenta dimension that often gives glimpses of individuals several paces and seconds off.


Overseeing the denizens is the Tendrils, a faceless government entity believed to be ruled by an Old God, which allows Elders to be 'voted' into a position of influence. On horrors, the most prolific kind that skitters through the world are eight-legged-cats, or arachlions, which are common predators of the denizens.


Doctrines left over from many millennia prior speak of The Glowing Dawn as a beginning to life as it's known under the smog covered world. And most strange of all, the somnambulist society as a whole, the Urchins and Elders alike, revel and cherish death and demise. There's so much more about the Tangerine Speck that you'll learn about as you Listen.

Faebl Nox casts over the UV Wavecast Inc., on the tail end of a humble ripple. She watches and recounts the happenings of others, but often ends up at the center of mind rending events. Left in her hometown of the Cove with only her Grammum as an anchor, Faebl gets swept up in a current that is charged by a rarely occurring mindset to the Old God gripped world.

Yule Aya is a popular Urchin with a past that is intertwined with Faebl's. Temperamental from a lavish upbringing, Yule may be a little misunderstood by those not in her pod, but she is often willing to Listen when removed from her caste. Her future is inevitably bound to the Tendrils.

Heather Bonilla is the Urchin that wants to be in an orgy with the chique pod while being hated the entire time.


Don't question what you just read.


She's also Faebl's mad love, and an aspiring brown-nose. It's likely that she's becoming a brown-nose to continue to be widely despised.

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